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      Wang hao

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      Wang Hao, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, professor-level senior engineer, doctoral supervisor, expert receiving special government allowance from the State Council, now serves as head of Division of Water Resources, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, he is also at other additional positions such as vice chairman of Global Water Partnership (China), member of Environmental Education Advisory Council of China, member of Science and Technology Committee, Ministry of Water Resources, member of Science and Technology Committee, State Forestry Bureau, vice president of Innovation Method Society, vice president of China Society of Natural Resources, standing director of Chinese Society for Sustainable Development and director of Professional Committee of Water Issues, the 9th standing director of Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society, director of Chinese Society of Forestry, director of Systems Engineering Society of China, member of Committee of Experts, China National Committee for Disaster Reduction, member of National Science and Technology Commission, member of National Review Committee for New Century Talents Project, as well as business development consultant of Xinjiang Deland Co., Ltd.


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