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      Zeng fan fu

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      Zeng Fanfu, PhD, senior engineer in environmental engineering, always takes the social responsibility as the core in leading the team to pursue development, and seeks maximization of the customer value. In the work, he attaches importance to selecting and training talents, with emphasis to scientific and technological innovation and management innovation. Now he serves as member of Committee of Experts of China Membrane Industry Association, Water Treatment Committee member of Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China, editorial board member of China Coal Chemical Industry, industry expert of Ministry of Science and Technology, vice president of New High-Tech Enterprise Promotion Association in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, standing director of China Association of Environmental Protection Industry, assessor of High-Tech Enterprise “Resources and Environment” of Science and Technology Office of Xinjiang, part-time professor of Lanzhou Jiaotong University, doctoral supervisor, etc. He has 23 authorized invention patents, and has also assumed a role in more than 20 national and regional scientific research projects, under financial support of all kinds up to more than 30 million Yuan. The projects have been examined and accepted on schedule.


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