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      The Operation of Environmental Protection Facilities

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      With the deepening marketization of environmental protection, the operation of the environmental protection facilities gradually rises as an emerging environmental service industry in China, and the operation of the environmental protection facilities has become the commercial services provided by professional environmental protection enterprises.It is the project of the operation of environment protection facilities provided by professional enterprises, and the project aims at improving the operation rate of environment protection facilities and making them achieve compliance and efficient operation, and it adopts the principle of the separation of owners, operators and managers.


      Project of Xinjiang Shihezi North Industrial Park printing and dyeing wastewater treatment
      Project of  Xinjiang Shihezi New Chemical Material Industrial Park wastewater treatment and reuse
      Project of GE R&D Center (Shanghai) membrane bioreactor (MBR) waste water treatment plant operation

      Water treatment liquid nitrogen operation and maintenance service project of tower petrochemical power production department 


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