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      Water Treatment Services for Oil Production Facilities

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      It refers to the services taken for the purpose of meeting the requirements of oil-water separation, water treatment meeting water requirements and the injection of reinjection water.

      It provides advanced completion fluid technology and system formula, acidizing and fracturing operations and corresponding technical support and profile control and water plugging operation, and it enhances the tertiary oil recovery and corresponding technical support, and supporting sales medicament; acidifying corrosion inhibitor, ferric ion stabilizer, crosslinking agents, polyacrylamides and guar gum, etc. involved in the acid fracturing process; Profile control: the clay stabilizers, foaming agents, phenolic resin, hydroxyethyl cellulose, crosslinking agents, hydrolyzed polyacrylamide and special surfactants involved in processes; the special surfactants, heat resistant and salt tolerant polymers, etc. involed in enhancing the tertiary oil recovery.



      Karamay Oilfield

      Tarim Oilfield

      Turpan Hami Oilfield

      Qinghai Oilfield

      Yumen Oilfield

      Jidong Oilfield

      Kazakhstan Oilfield



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