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      DELAND regards customer value maximization as the pursuit of enterprise, and attach importance to the future demands of customers, using the leading thought and action to develop enterprise rapidly and continuously. The company achieves comprehensive control and disposal of pollutant, and achieves maximization application for propagation and service. DELAND is grounded on water disposal and water environment, which persists in the feature and advantage in waste water recycling and disposal in high difficulty, implements one-stop service in the process of water disposal, and constantly improve product and service level of difficult problems in oil field development in aspects of energy development and service and implements comprehensive project service. The company takes serving society as the footstone to achieve company’s value. The survival of enterprise is achieved by comprehensively serving customers. 



      DELAND constantly strengthens team building, regulates and improves enterprise management, enhances technique research, product innovation and service innovation, and implements the expansion force of global integration to achieve development and growth of company. Quality is the lifeline for company, and qualified quality is the bottom line for company. DELAND takes customer value maximization as lasting pursuit really, which continuously improves product quality. The company diligently strives and grasps customer’s future demands, and deeply creates maximization value for customers to achieve customers’ constant satisfaction.

      Innovation is the soul for development of company; honesty is the duty for running a company; and working hard is the only way to develop company. Everyone should keep enterprise policy firmly in mind, shoulder social responsibility, and use our own practical action to make contributions to society. We should keep safety and health firmly in mind when developing enterprise, because safety is the bottom line for employees to survive; safe production is the basis for company to run normally; and health is the premise condition of ensuring life quality. Deeply showing care to employees should begin from developing talents and achieving business. It is plummet of stable development of company to observe state laws and regulations, observe rules and regulations of company, advocate positive protocol culture and make every effort to protect environment. DELAND dedicates to creating the company into century-old shop and making outstanding contributions to social development, achieving harmony between human and nature.


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